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Double D Electronics Ltd

Formed in 1984, the company has always placed a strong emphasis on its skills in designing and manufacturing products cost-effectively in low volume, although some products have gone on to become volume sellers.

Key to this success is an extensive library of standard modules, both hardware and software, which can either be used as they stand or can be readily modified to support a different application. CAD and other computer-based design aids are used extensively to support this design effort.

Our design expertise encompasses most fields, and we have specialist knowledge of a number of application areas including Satellite Earth Stations, Redundancy Switching and Remote Monitoring and Control.

Areas of design expertise include:

  • Embedded processor hardware design
  • Software for embedded processors
  • Serial communication protocols
  • Embedded networked peripherals
  • Switching systems to 2000MHz
  • PC-based monitoring software
  • Redundancy controllers
  • Motion Control (steppers & d.c. motors)