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CryptoGuard was formed in 2007. At that time we couldn't expect how our Conditional Access System (CAS) should grow seven years later, it has really been an exciting journey!

CryptoGuard was started up in Luleå, in the northern part of Sweden. As a result of this placing several operators in this region chose CryptoGuard as their CAS. Due to the analogue switch-off in Sweden the timing for CryptoGuard's introduction was perfect. The cable operators had to get an encryption solution of their own in their networks and CryptoGuard proved to have the right pricing and features. A few years later we had more than 50 networks throughout Sweden and we started to look abroad to see the interest in the CryptoGuard CAS. At an early stage CryptoGuard also became used by IPTV networks and has today several customers on IPTV platforms.

Today CryptoGuard has two offices in Sweden and two sales offices in Poland and in India. Contact our sales team today, and get all the latest information about how CryptoGuard’s products and solution can help you to monetize your network! We are looking forward to hear from you!