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Arbor Media

For more than 20 years, Arbor Media B.V. has been operating as a software development company for Audio and Video applications. We repeatedly succeeded in creating innovative and extremely user-friendly solutions for a broad spectrum of customers. The company has grown to the European market leader in broadcast and conference recording and streaming, by listening carefully to our customers and doing more than just meet the requirements of a contract.

In all of this, a top priority is to never lose sight of our identity: "Arbor" is the Latin word for "tree" and we regard software as a tree: something beautiful and powerful if it gets the chance to grow, but the tribe should always be solid.

Our motto therefore is: “Healthy software is based on a solid trunk”.

It is our mission, based on the knowledge and experience in the field of audio/video, streaming media and ICT, to achieve the goals of our customers. We use the high expectations that our customers - often very large organizations - have of suppliers and their products, to improve the quality and functionality of our products time and again.

By careful focus on our core business over the years, we provided an increasing number of larger organisations  such as parliaments, courts and other government organizations, but also radio and television stations, with extremely user friendly and efficient solution.

We are proud that Arbor Media is the pillar on which parties, such as the European Parliament, the European Commission and many more leading organizations, lean for recording, management and publication of their audiovisual content. Our appealing list of national and international references speaks for itself.

Our “core business” is:

  • Streaming media
  • Audio and Video
  • ICT

In line with our mission, there are a number of core competences that we necessarily – but with enthusiasm – have developed to meet the high demands of our customers:

  • Careful monitoring of broadcast audio and video quality, thanks to our professional Broadcast customers
  • The standard in the field of security is put to us by the clients engaged in defense and domestic and international security
  • Use of international user interfaces and multilingual audio/video has been improved thanks to our European Union and the United Nations customers
  • Accessibility is prescribed to us by parliaments and other Governments that find contact with the audience highly important
  • Flexibility to customize solutions to the existing infrastructures at larger organizations, without compromising the technical integrity of a design

Through internal and external training of our specialists we ensure the continuous preservation and further development of these competences. Besides the Dutch head office, Arbor Media also has an office in Lisbon with a team of software specialists, who work closely with their Dutch colleagues. We also have a support location in Brussels to adequately serve the many EU customers.

Our support service, that is available 7x24h, is highly appreciated by our customers and known as "friendly", "professional", "helpful" and "efficient".

Amidst all this high-tech and efficiency, we cherish "the tree", which is – as a product from nature – a symbol for corporate social responsibility to us.