Actia Telecom

ACTIA SODIELEC offers products, systems and services for the content providers and the network operators wanting to set up with efficiency and reliability, TV & radio headends, transport networks, transmission sites, and monitoring systems centralized.

ACTIA SODIELEC, equipment manufacturer
Through its long standing experience (30 years), notably based on its R&D department, ACTIA SODIELEC designs, manufactures and markets a complete product catalogue matching with most requirements from the 3 following fields : TV, radio and monitoring.

ACTIA SODIELEC systems integrator
ACTIA SODIELEC provides any type of broadcast systems from end to end of the broadcast chain, i.e. Turnkey solutions from headends to transmitting sites including related monitoring probes, etc… ACTIA SODIELEC relies on a loyal partnership network involving most manufacturers renowned such as ERICSSON, etc. ...

ACTIA SODIELEC, service provider
With its know-how of its experienced teams, ACTIA SODIELEC entirely manages turnkey projects on behalf of its customers including for instance coverage planning studies, measurements of link budgets, expertise missions and trainings.