AlanDick Broadcast

AlanDick is unique in its ability to provide services, products and solutions on a global basis to satisfy the infrastructure needs of the broadcast markets throughout the world. With offices across 5 continents, AlanDick is a world leading organization with the ability to plan, deploy, maintain, manage and upgrade DVB-T, DAB and DRM technologies for broadcast markets.

Alan Dick & Company has been a successful part of the growing communication industry for several decades. The growth of the industry has been reflected in AlanDick product portfolio and distinctive competencies in design engineering, enabling the company to meet demands in a rapid evolving and highly competitive environment.

Keeping abreast of the changes within the industry allows AlanDick to capitalize on opportunities, improve performance levels and enhance their ability to innovate. By combining an extensive product range, high level of services, experience and knowledge, AlanDick offers complete product range of innovative wireless installation components including couplers, splitters and passive components.

Through an extensive product portfolio, high levels of experience, competence and skills, Alan Dick provides practical solutions and confidence to their client base. AlanDick Broadcast is involved primarily in one distinct market, the Terrestrial Transmission of TV & Radio programs.

Terrestrial is the original, most widely used, predominately Free - To - Air and easily accessible means of receiving TV and Radio signals and in most cases quicker to install and less expensive than cable or satellite.

AlanDick has gained an excellent reputation for the supply, installation and commissioning of complete transmission systems using the latest high quality TV & Radio digital technologies. The company is a leading provider of broadcast systems for digital and analogue video and audio. Its portfolio starts at concept and runs through planning site development, station equipment, towers, antennas, and a full implementation and testing service. Products include antennas for FM, VHF TV & DAB and UHF Television. It also supplies RF components such as filters and combiners and accessories such as hangars, clamps and entry plates.