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Kintronic Labs, Inc.

Kintronic Labs is the world leader in radio broadcasting equipment and technology. We offer engineering expertise in the design and manufacture of antenna systems for radio, telecommunications and broadcasting industry. The firm also develops various RF components and subassemblies for a variety of applications. Our broadcast engineers specialize in AM /MW antenna technology ranging from standard broadcast/telecom systems to custom, turnkey, military antenna systems. Kintronic is a leader in all facets of RF technology, including in-pattern development and coverage studies, radio broadcasting tower site planning and installation, RF feeder system design and manufacture, installation and commissioning of DRM-capable radio broadcast antenna systems and/or HD capable antenna systems for fixed/mobile operation in the MW band. Other products manufactured by Kintronic Lab engineers include dummy loads; transmitter combiners; RF switches; RF contractors  fixed and variable inductors; equipment racks; prefab aluminum, steel or concrete buildings; KinStar AM low profile antenna; and FM and PCS cellphone iso-couplers.