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Kay Industries Inc

Kay Industries, Inc., is the worldwide industry leader in designing, manufacturing, and marketing single-phase to three-phase electrical power converters. A privately held corporation, Kay Industries sells phase converters nationwide in the U.S. and exports to Central and South America and the Pacific Rim. Kay Industries, Inc., markets under the registered trademark Phasemaster® and is headquartered in South Bend, Indiana, with offices in Fremont, California.

Kay Industries, Inc., was the first phase converter company to offer:

  • Rotary converters (1960)
  • Automatic controls (1972)
  • Money-back performance guarantee (1975)
  • Independent agency approval (CSA/NRTL) (1979)
  • National toll-free lines (1980)
  • Extended warrantees (1986)
  • 24-hour phone support (1987)

Phasemaster units are manufactured under U.S. Patent Nos. 3349316, 3387202, 3609430 and Canadian Patent No. 786933