From the very beginning in 1978 Elber has chosen to work in the microwave radio link sector for the broadcast industry. The company has changed several times its location in the Italian Riviera in the north of Italy near Genoa, in order to adapt its structure to the needs of an always expanding market. Today in fact, due to the constant presence at all major international trade shows regarding the broadcast industry, Elber can count on a widespread diffusion of its products in every part of the world: Europe, Central and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

The highly specialised staff, the attention paid to each and every single phase of the production from the design to the realization of the product and the use of high quality components form the benchmark of Elber's philosophy. The increasing expansion of the company has never kept Elber from maintaining a personal contact with its clients, from the smaller local broadcasters to the main television and radio networks. This philosophy, together with the high reliability of the equipment, allows Elber to offer a five-year guarantee on its products.

Important and continuous investments into the Research & Development Department reflect the ambition to keep the leader position between its competitors as well on national as on international level. Elber also broadens its proper interest to the DENG device market which is the newest and most fascinating challenge at this moment that will allow Elber to design personalized solutions and exceed the nearly 10000 links mounted all over the world.

From September 2008 on Elber is fully operational in the new head office in Carasco (GE) in Via Pontevecchio 42 W, 16042 Carasco (GE). The brand-new building on two levels, situated near the former office, covers up to 2000 square metres and represents the best off flexibility and technology.

The original building remains and integrated to the new part, brings the company surface to a total of 3000 square metres. This important goal, result of an accurate planning strategy, represents an important confirmation of the mid and long-term ambitions that Elber has established.