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DH Antenna

DH has produced over 500,000 Parabolic, Prime Focus antennas in the past 20 years.

DH developed proprietary equipment that is used to manufacture the parabolic antenna. With this fully automatic equipment, we are able to spin antennas from 2’ thru 16’ in diameter. All antennas are spun on either steel machined or special composite mandrels that allow DH to achieve the surface accuracy of better than a RMS .020 of an inch. The choice of material is aluminum, which gives strength, yet cuts down on the weight. DH antennas are used in various operations including \ broadcast reception, cable, educational development as well as other areas.

The name “DH Satellite” is known worldwide. We have been manufacturing in the same location for more than 30 years. We would like to invite you to come to our facilities and visit with us, see our products, and discuss how we can assist you with your antenna needs. We have a 2,000-foot antenna test range and have been verifying previous tests and updating radiation patterns. We we advertise our quality, we back it up with facts. With our ability to test antennas from 2′(60cm) up to 16′(5M) we can now guarantee you of our quality commitment. Let us help you with your next downlink system.