FA Bernhardt (FAB)

FA Bernhardt, also known as FAB, is a Bavarian developer of Teletext and subtitling systems. For over 15 years it has been involved in data transmission through video and the development of professional television and cable head-end equipment.

From premises to the south of Munich FAB develops, manufactures and supplies equipment to major broadcasters throughout the world, including ZDF (Germany), France 2/3/5 (Paris), TVE (Madrid), ORF (Vienna), SRG-SSR (Zurich/Geneva/Lugano), RTBF (Brussels), NOS (Hilversum), RTP (Lisbon), TVP (Warsaw) and Canal+ in Spain.

FAB's range of basic products for Teletext comprise: Teletext Editor, a Windows-based program that supports all west, central and east European scripts (including Greek and Cyrillic), editing for Teletext Level 1, 1.5 and 2.5 (excluding bitmaps and palettes, which are covered by the HiLevel Editor) and file formats including TTP, EP1, WSP, BIN and VTX; Teletext Data Generator, which is used for transmission of teletext and its subtitles at EBU B Level 1, 1.5 and 2.5 conforming to ETS standard 300706; Teletext Data Bridge for copying VBI lines from asynchronous composite or SD/HD-SDI signals to transmission composite or SD/HD-SDI signals; Teletext Network Controller, which holds a database of teletext pages that are automatically distributed to Teletext Data Generators whenever the page is altered in that database; and the Teletext Network API programming library that offers features for programmers to create a program for producing teletext pages, write data for them and transfer the finished items over a network to the Teletext Data Generator and Network Controller.

The Subtitling system includes the FAB Media Converter for converting video files in different formats to low bit rate WMV video files that can be used to prepare subtitles; Media Encoder for encoding SDI video, audio and timecode into a low bit rate WMV video file for the preparation of subtitles; Subtitler Standard Edition software program; and Subtitler Professional Edition for recording of subtitles to tape (insertion into SD-SDI & HD-SDI video), DVD add Blu-ray and Digital Cinema (DCIM) export, insertion of open subtitles into WMV files, insertion of DVB and Teletext subtitles into transport stream files and export of bitmap subtitles in different formats.