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DEV Systemtechnik

DEV Systemtechnik is a specialist in RF signal handling over the distribution chain from satellite to receiver. It was founded in 1995 and has its headquarters in Friedberg, Germany.

Offering RF delivery over coaxial cable or over optical fibre for longer distances, DEV works with systems integrators on the installation of satellite ground stations and cable head ends, as well as co-operating with other telecommunication providers.

DEV has expanded significantly over the last 10 years. Its staff numbers have grown by a factor of eight in all departments, as has its investments in high quality standards, research and development. In October 2013 DEV was bought outright by US RF, microwave, CATV and satellite communications manufacturer Quintech Electronics. The Germany company now operates as a wholly owned, independent subsidiary of its US owner and offers the full portfolio of products from both companies. DEV produces RF switches for CATV and L-Band, distribution amplifiers and combiners for CATV and L-Band, optical transmission products (RF over fibre) and a range of accessories for these systems. Most recently DEV introduced its new n+1 redundancy switch for modulators, which it sees as strengthening its position as a one-stop-shop covering all the different customer needs regarding service availability, budget and space requirements. The main features of the products are: up to 2 1+1 standard switching systems for modulator redundancy in a 1 Rack Unit (RU), up to 8 1+1 modulator redundancy switches in 3 RU, and the new n+1 system for up to 8 main and 1 backup modulator in 3 RU.