Services Global Viewpoint – February 2017

The IABM Launches the Score – A Worldwide Benchmarking Survey for the Broadcast and Media Industries

The IABM has launched an ambitious international research project, the Score, and is calling for everyone involved in the broadcast and media technology industry to participate. The survey will provide the first global view of demographics, professional development and remuneration.

Requiring just 5-10 minutes to complete online, the Score is designed to gather industry-wide data on demographics, professional development status and needs, and remuneration around the world. The survey is entirely anonymous to encourage the maximum number of people to participate.

The more people who engage, the more representative the results of the Score will be. The IABM is encouraging everyone to take part – and get their industry colleagues and friends to also participate. The outcome will be an authoritative, international survey of the state of the broadcast and media industry, against which individuals and companies can benchmark themselves. 

The IABM will first announce the results in March, 2017 at the Tom McGann Memorial Summit in Kuala Lumpur.. The conference will provide two days of high level dialog between leaders from the broadcast and media industries, government, training and educational institutes. The conference will highlight solutions to the skills shortages in the industry.

The Score survey results will then be published on the IABM website, together with detailed analysis and commentary provided by Lorenzo Zanni, IABM Research Analyst. IABM plans to repeat the Score every two years to provide the industry with ongoing feedback on how it is meeting the challenges facing our industry.

“The Score will, for the first time, provide some hard facts against which individuals and companies can benchmark themselves, and will also provide real direction on where the wider industry needs to concentrate its firepower. It’s a bold initiative from which everyone can benefit.”
— Peter White, IABM CEO
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