Hardware Infrastructure Global Viewpoint – March 2017

The DPP Finds More Business Benefit in IP Production for OTT than Broadcast

According to a survey from Ooyala, when it comes to reaping the benefits of IT-centric technology, production work directly tied to the OTT market will realize the greatest benefits.

The Digital Production Partnership (DPP) just released the results of an Ooyala survey about where broadcasters, producers and suppliers can expect to see the greatest return on investment in IP-centric production. The DPP Survey Report: The Business Benefits of IP Production is the result of extensive research with companies from across the supply chain.

“Our industry loves the idea of innovation,” said DPP Managing Director, and author of the report, Mark Harrison, “but we sometimes struggle to articulate whether, when and how it makes business sense. This has been particularly the case with IP production. This report helps companies understand when, where and how to place their bets.”

Mark Harrison, DPP Managing Director and author of the report.

Mark Harrison, DPP Managing Director and author of the report.

Survey findings:

1. Benefits to OTT outweigh those for broadcast

Production activities that supply direct to the OTT market are the ones that offer the greatest business benefits. Indeed, whole new businesses are being created by new online opportunities.

2. Heavy lifting means heavy investment, but big benefits

Large scale events in UHD offer great potential for a whole new way of working through IP technologies. The rewards could be huge – but barriers to true end-to-end IP production still remain. Is the broadcast community paying for an expensive upgrade from which the global online providers will, in time, be the beneficiaries?

3. The cloud disruption

Those wanting to gain early-mover advantage should pay attention to IP-based media management, cloud playout and post production. This is where technology change could enable major disruption in operating models. Expect the technology to support  other major innovations, such as machine learning, analytics and AI.

According to the research, IP will impact every aspect of media production. The timing is important because the media industry is nearing a tipping point.

Emily Hopson, Ooyala Director of Media Logistics Professional Services

Emily Hopson, Ooyala Director of Media Logistics Professional Services

“Gradually, the industry is moving towards video flowing from the lens of the camera to the audience, wholly through IP,” said Ooyala Director of Media Logistics Professional Services, Emily Hopson. “It's about keeping pace with the digital revolution and modernizing production processes. Adopting IP-systems builds towards greater workflow efficiencies, personalised distribution, and, ultimately, higher ROI for every video."

The Business Benefits of IP Production report was released to DPP Members at a special event to mark the second anniversary of the DPP becoming a Membership organization. The full report will become publicly available Tuesday, 4 April on Ooyala's Resource page.

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