Hardware Infrastructure Global Viewpoint – August 2015

Live IP Video: The Remaining Piece Of The Puzzle

Several larger video companies have announced “IP connectivity” for their equipment. Some even claim IP-production capability.How close is live IP video?

What is true is that a group of ten vendors, in concert with the EBU, are working on a live video production project at the studios of Flemish public broadcaster VRT. A press release, issued in mid-August, said that the project’s goal is to demonstrate multi-vendor-supported IP-based live broadcast capability.

The project is designed to identify how broadcasters can produce programmes quickly, efficiently and cost effectively with IT-centric hardware and software. The ten vendors involved in the project include; Axon, Lawo, Grass Valley, EVS, LSB, Nevion, Triology, Tektronix, Genelec, and DWESAM.

The LiveIP Project is also part of Sandbox+, an international joint collaborative platform for innovation that combines efforts from VRT, EBU and iMinds. While VRT and EBU may be well known to many The Broadcast Bridge readers, iMinds might be new.

iMinds is a digital research and entrepreneurship firm. It employs more than 900 academic researchers from five Flemish universities in its projects.

The firm often joins forces with industry and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), in cooperative research projects to turn digital know-how into future-proof products and services. The LiveIP Project fits nicely into that model.

IBC attendees can learn more about the LiveIP Project at the IBC 2015 EBU stand 10.F20. Visitors will be able to view a scaled down version of the IP studios in a proof-of-concept demonstration.

VRT Sandbox Live IP Project

The project has garnered significant attention in the way of awards, with The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and VRT announcing the Sandbox LiveIP Project is a finalist in the “Special Recognition” category of the IABM Design & Innovation Awards.

Transmission of video over IP has been a reality for many years. But the final link in an all-IP environment is live production capability.

For anyone needing to upgrade or build new facilities, it would be wise to see the demonstration in order to determine how close IP production may really be.

The Broadcast Bridge will keep readers informed on this important technological development.

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