Find all of the latest products, by category - the most comprehensive overview of IBC 2015 by the editors of The Broadcast Bridge.

A new encoder for the BrightEye range.

​Ensemble Debut NXT 445 Streaming Encoder September 10th 2015 - 01:00 PM

Ensemble Designs is debuting the NXT 445 streaming encoder at IBC.

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SelenioNext JITT

Imagine Shows On-Demand Transcoding for Their Cloud DVR at IBC September 10th 2015 - 10:00 AM

Imagine Communications has added a significant new element to its vision for anywhere, anytime television on any device. At IBC, the company is showing SelenioNext Just-In-Time Transcoding (JITT), an all software based on-the-fly transcoding system that almost instantly converts any video content for viewing on any device. 

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Wizards will assist in scheduling.

​CreateCtrl Optimizes Campaign Planning September 10th 2015 - 08:00 AM

Munich-based media management software developer CreateCtrl is highlighting Campaign, the trailer and promotions planning application for linear TV scheduling at IBC.

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Adobe Upgrades Creative Cloud Pro Video Tools at IBC September 9th 2015 - 08:10 PM

Adobe has given all the applications in its Creative Cloud suite of software a spectrum of new features from Touch editing even in HDR, to new codec capabilities. The new Remix feature of Audition CC can custom tailor an audio track to fit video content durations, and Adobe Primetime will be smoothing the transition to OTT.

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Harmonic Electra X.

Harmonic Support for IP Standard SMPTE ST 2022-6 September 9th 2015 - 07:00 PM

Harmonic’s Spectrum X media server system, Electra X media processor and Electra XVM virtualized media processor will support the SMPTE ST 2022-6 standard for transporting video over IP.

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Version 7 of Episode is on release.

​Telestream Unveil Episode 7 at IBC September 9th 2015 - 12:05 PM

What separates Episode from the competition is its ability to scale and spread the transcoding workload automatically among multiple workstations regardless if they are Mac or PC. Version 7 of Telestream’s encoding software is on show at IBC.

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Aspera Increases IBC Presence September 8th 2015 - 07:00 PM

For Aspera, 2015 marks the company’s strongest presence at the IBC show in the company’s 10-year history. Aspera is an IBM company and creator of technologies that move the world’s data at maximum speed.

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Cinegy Launches JET Pack at IBC September 8th 2015 - 05:00 PM

The Cinegy JET Pack is described as an all-in-one media management solution for playout; CG and branding; ingest and encoding; monitoring; live production and mixing; and transcoding. Launching at IBC it is available as an annual subscription for Euros1995, including updates.

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The new storyboard feature helps users find content quickly for creating highlights clips.

Volicon Adds New Storyboard Feature to Observer Media Intelligence Platform September 8th 2015 - 01:50 PM

Volicon has enhanced its Observer Media Intelligence Platform with a new storyboard capability, built into the platform’s Review application, that it says reduces the time and effort required to identify, review, clip, and annotate a specific segment of recorded content for immediate sharing.

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