Drones and the Law June 27th 2016 - 01:50 PM

Laws are different in different countries and I can’t possibly know all the legislation, so what I have to say here should not be taken as a final word on anything. The purpose of this article is to alert the reader to what he or she will need to f…

Drones - The Science Part of Flying May 12th 2016 - 03:00 PM

Anyone can buy and fly a UAV-drone. All the exhibits at this year’s NAB show made that obvious. What was typically glossed over were the finer points of the flight science that makes them work—and why drones can make a less-than-perfect camera platform. Helicopter and UAV pilot John Wat…

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The New Golden Age of Miniaturization May 3rd 2019 - 09:00 AM

Two years ago, I put a complete iPhone video production package into a single shoulder bag. This week, I eliminated the shoulder bag, creating an even better 4K shooting package that is virtually weightless. We are indeed in a new golden age of miniaturization.