Tinopolis Cymru Goes Live With New Megahertz-Built OB Van

Welsh television production company Tinopolis Cymru has put a HD satellite production vehicle on the road to replace its previous one-camera SD unit. The new OB van was systems integrated by Megahertz and is being used to produce the live weekday local affairs magazine programme Pyrnhawn Da for Welsh language broadcaster S4C.

Megahertz was commissioned by Tinopolis to build and kit out the three camera unit, which is based on the chassis of a Mercedes Sprinter. It offers Panasonic PSE HD cameras, which can be used for studio and live productions by employing three Ereca fibre systems and a Cobham wireless device. This gives live vision control and tally functions.

Other equipment includes a Blackmagic Design Atem vision mixer and two BMD HyperDeck disk recorders. This set-up can be used for editing live material and pre-recorder items, in addition to cutting footage for posting on social media. Connectivity to the main broadcast centre is through a Ku-band Advent NewSwift 1.5 metre dish, which is able to handle both HD and SD transmissions. A Ka-band antenna connects to IP for social media distribution, plus receiving scripts, running orders, voice messages and emails. Two SpacePath HPA high power amplifiers are also part of the set-up.

The new vehicle is an up-date on its ten-year old predecessor and now provides two hours of live material a day. It can be used at any location in Wales and fulfils S4C's remit as a public service broadcasters to build stronger links with local communities.

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