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Russia’s NTV Embraces Compact Size And Networking Of Calrec Artemis

Nearing completion of a facility-wide upgrade of its production facilities in the Television Technical Center Ostankino (TTC) in Moscow, Russian broadcaster NTV has added a fourth Artemis Light digital audio console from Calrec Audio to support its live and studio broadcasts.

The latest 48-fader Calrec Artemis will help upgrade TTC’s Studio 18 to support popular programs such as “Today,” “Emergency,” and “The End of the Day With Irada Zeynalova”, which has recently been commissioned for broadcast by NTV. The other Artemis consoles used by NTV at TTC are installed in the control rooms of Studios 11 and 12.

Vladimir Baryshnikov, chief audio specialist at NTV, said that with the other Artemis Lights already in daily operation, the staff is well acquainted with the console’s sound quality and features. They also like the Artemis Light’s compact size and networking capabilities.

“Our sound engineers love Artemis, and since they're already so familiar with it, they can walk right on to new productions and start mixing,” he said. “And its user-friendly interface means new operators are able to get up to speed quickly on the desk.”

The Calrec Artemis Light console features 240 channel processing paths with up to 128 program busses, 64 IFB/Track outputs and 32 auxiliaries.

The Calrec Artemis Light console features 240 channel processing paths with up to 128 program busses, 64 IFB/Track outputs and 32 auxiliaries.

Among the three other Artemis Light consoles, the broadcaster has installed a 48-fader console in its TTC Studio 12 facility for production of a range of news and current affairs programs, and Artemis consoles in the TTC's Studio 11 and NTV’s Gorky studio complex. Russian systems integrator OKNO-TV provided design, integration, and installation services for all of the Artemis Light installations.

NTV is also using Artemis Lights in its outside broadcast operations. In 2014, as part of its transition to digital broadcasting, NTV installed an Artemis Light with two stage boxes in NTV Mobile, an innovative Moscow-based flexible studio for live production.

With its latest purchase, the TTC now boasts more than 32 Calrec consoles throughout the building. As the largest television studio facility and broadcast production company in Russia, the TTC is linked by cable, radio relay, and satellite with practically all television centers in Russia and also facilitates the exchange of television programs over the Intervision and Eurovision networks.

As with the NTV Artemis Light consoles, all of the TTC’s Calrec desks are connected by fiber via Calrec's Hydra2 plug-and-play audio routing system, which supports AES, analog, and MADI interfaces.

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