Apple Announces Final Cut Pro 10.4

Apple has announced a major update to Final Cut Pro, which includes the H.265 codec, HDR and support for VR video.

Apple showed the new version at the Final Cut Pro X Creative Summit in late October and said it will be available for users before the end of this year. Attendees got hands on use of the new update.

Final Cut Pro's timeline will be updated to support virtual reality footage, including clip orientation, with compatibility for two different head-mounted display feeds. VR integration extends to Motion 5, Apple's motion graphics and special effects software.

Version 10.4 will support all the tools offered in plugin maker Tim Dashwood's 360VR toolbox. Dashwood was hired by Apple in April. The editing application also receives support for HDR Rec. 2020 alongside a new slate of color controls including a color picker and color wheels.

Owners of the latest iPhone models — including iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X — will be able to open 4K H.265 footage in Final Cut Pro timelines. H.265 is a video compression protocol that promises to halve file sizes while maintaining superior image quality. Apple adopted the codec in iOS 11 and macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

Final Cut Pro was last updated in May when version 10.3.4 was released. The price for the professional editing suite is $299.99.

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