​Archiware And Spectra Logic Voice LTO-8 Support

Archiware is supporting LTO-8 tape technology with its P5 Software Suite including modules P5 Archive and P5 Backup. Spectra Logic says its LTO-8 Type M media along with LTO-8 drives and all supported media are now available for order.

According to Archiware, the new LTO-8 increases storage capacity to 12TB native (30TB compressed) per cartridge using a 2.5:1 ratio. This optimizes big data workloads managed by P5 Archive, allowing for fewer tape cartridges to be used to store the same amount of data. For P5 Backup, the performance of backup and restore is improved with a transfer rate of 360 MB/sec native (750 MB/sec compressed).

High-performance setups configured in P5 can further increase efficiency through the parallel use of multiple drives in the tape library.

The one-generation backwards read and write compatibility with LTO-7 cartridges improves flexibility and cost-effectiveness. To optimize storage investment, the same LTO tape hardware can be utilized for both P5 Backup and P5 Archive.

The latest Archiware P5 version 5.5.1 is now available as an upgrade or 30-day free trial.

Spectra Logic says its LTO-8 Type M media provides a 50 percent increase in capacity from 6TB to 9TB using new LTO-7 media. Customers who normally wait for the latest generation of LTO tape to be cost effective before upgrading can now immediately realise cost savings by simply adding LTO-8 drives and Spectra Certified LTO-8 Type M media to a Spectra library.

“Once an LTO-7 cartridge has been converted to LTO-8 Type M media, it can store up to 22.5TB of compressed data per cartridge, providing users with additional capacity at a price point comparable to LTO-7 media,” says Nathan Thompson, CEO.

Both LTO-8 drives and LTO-8 Type M media are expected to ship in November. LTO-8 drives are compatible with LTO-8 media at 12TB capacity, LTO-8 Type M media at 9TB capacity and LTO-7 media at 6TB capacity. Spectra Logic’s tape range from the Spectra T50e Tape Library for small businesses to the Spectra TFinity ExaScale Tape Library for large enterprises – is fully tested and compatible with LTO-8 drives and media.

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