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Rohde & Schwarz PRISMON to Support New SMPTE ST 2110 Suite

With the announcement of the new SMPTE suite of standards, engineers need to upgrade their test and measurement capabilities. The Rohde & Schwarz PRISMON provides the perfect solution to the new T&M requirements of IP systems.

The Rohde & Schwarz PRISMON A/V content monitoring and multiviewer solution is a fully software-based, modular system architecture. This design allowed R&S PRISMON to be quickly and flexibly adapted during the SMPTE ST 2110 draft evolution into its now-final, formally approved version. The first standards are a result of ongoing standardization work as well as pre-NAB and pre-IBC live plug-tests. R&S PRISMON will officially support these important specifications in its next software update scheduled for Q4/2017.

R&S PRISMON is an IP-based convergent monitoring solution for broadcast and streaming media/OTT. It offers multi-standard support for unmatched versatility, such as SDI, SDIoIP, AIMS/SMPTE 2110, TSoIP, OTT upload/download and others. Its future-ready, fully software defined architecture enables innovative, powerful monitoring functions such as LiveQM and Content Compare. The solution features an orchestration-ready design for dynamic and flexible resource allocation in virtual environments.

The R&S PRISMON is available both on scalable IT hardware platforms and for cloud deployments.

In the vision of a fully IP-based broadcast infrastructure with flexible, on-demand definition and implementation of virtualized workflows, SMPTE ST 2110 constitutes the essential foundation for transport layers. However, key building blocks on higher layers such as for capability and connection management, are still under development or in the draft phase. R&S PRISMON will actively participate in this important standardization work on topics such as future live interworking plug-tests.

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