EditShare Debuts Quales QC in NYC

At NAB NY, EditShare provided exhibit visitors a “sneak peek” of how EditShare plans to deeply integrate QUALES, into the EditShare File System (EFS).

In August 2017, EditShare completed the acquisition of QC specialist QUALES. QUALES QC solutions are known for their intuitive visual inspection interface and automated QC accuracy. They are now an integral part of the EditShare product portfolio with advanced integration planned for the company’s Flow media asset management platform.

QUALES is a fully featured, comprehensive video and audio Quality Check (QC) system that is used to check media file integrity. The sooner any issues are found within media, the easier and quicker it is to correct them. Quales will analyze media files arriving into a facility and automatically perform a series of automated tests on both the audio and video signals, and confirm the files meet channel specifications.

Flow users, including producers, post supervisors, editors and other non-engineering staff, will have an intuitive visual aid to spot-check content. With QC offered as a core capability within the EditShare Flow media asset management platform, users will be able to systematically QC content at any point across the workflow saving countless hours of production and post-production time.

Most creative post agencies work on multiple projects concurrently, however, with hundreds of hours of media located in their storage pool - it becomes difficult to QC everything. Quales Automated Quality Check (AQC) removes all the headaches from scaling QC operations with the ability to check multiple codecs and specific QC requirements in different regions and ensuring the media matches stringent broadcast standards.

When applied to the EditShare environment, Quales’ integration with the Flow ecosystem offers enhanced media verification. Traditional QC simply checks files on the output, however, Flow MAM leverages the power of the Quales engine to validate the files throughout the production - from ingest to editorial, VFX and grading, through to delivery - all seamlessly integrated and automated.

This fully integrated approach allows users and facilities to catch any issues with the files at any step of the workflow. Quales allows any user to QC four concurrent media files at any one time. Different departments within an organization can QC footage simultaneously within the same application.

Quales listens, adapts and adds format support when needed. Now with multi-format support and DPX file integration, integrate it with systems such as Blackmagic Design Resolve or Autodesk Flame.

Quales efficient engine design can QC media files effortlessly. Available as a standalone, integrated with Flow media asset management, or as a SaaS Cloud service, Quales offers multiple ways of implementing QC to a tailored workflow.

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