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SMPTE Elects Officers and Governors for 2018-2019 Term

SMPTE has announced that the Society has elected its new officers and governors for the 2018-2019 term.

SMPTE President Matthew Goldman commented on how this year's elections, "bring to SMPTE a powerful blend of experience, leadership, and innovation in driving our industry forward. New and returning officers and governors representing the businesses and institutions will play an instrumental role in maintaining the growing momentum of the Society's standards, education, and membership initiatives."

Nine governors were elected to serve in posts throughout the world, and two of these were elected as incumbents. The re-elected governors include Paul Briscoe, who will again serve as the Canada Region Governor; and Siegfried Fössel, who will continue as the EMEA, Central, and South America Region Governor. 

Officers and governors elected for the 2018-2019 term will serve on the SMPTE Board of Governors along with other board officers and regional governors. Directors of specific areas — standards, education, and membership — serve in an advisory role to the board, and they will be appointed in January 2018 to one-year terms. At that time, the SMPTE Board of Governors will also appoint a new secretary/treasurer.

Officers who were not up for re-election and who will continue to serve on the SMPTE Board of Governors include Matthew Goldman, Robert P. Seidel, Patrick Griffis and Richard Welsh.

Governors who will continue to serve on the SMPTE Board of Governors through their 2017-2018 terms include François Abbe, Brian Claypool, Christopher Fetner, George Hoover, Michael Koetter, Gary Mandle, Andrew G. Setos, Douglas I. Sheer, and Masayuki Sugawara.

Other new officers and governors include:

  • Peter Wharton, who will become the Society's Membership Vice President.
  • Bruce Devlin, who will become the Standards Vice President.
  • Hans Hoffmann, who has served previously on the SMPTE Board as Standards Vice President and is currently an Education Director, will now become SMPTE's new Finance Vice President.
  • Rick Ackermans, will return from a hiatus to serve as Southern Region Governor.
  • Sara J. Kudrle, a current SMPTE Education Director, will serve in the role of New York Region Governor, having served previously as a Governor of the Western Region.
  • Ward Hansford, will serve as Asia-Pacific Region Governor.
  • Renard T. Jenkins, will serve as Eastern Region Governor.
  • Paul Chapman, will serve as Hollywood Region Governor.
  • Ben Waggoner, will serve as Western Region Governor.
  • Mark Harrison, will take on the role of UK Region Governor.
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