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Thinklogical Presents Innovations for Video and KVM Extension

Thinklogical presents a high performance private cloud solution for VFX & post, along with several other KVM extension and switching innovations.

Thinklogicial colocation

Thinklogicial colocation

The new Private Cloud Solution from Thinklogical helps to make cloud-centric editing a reality for creative professionals in the Media & Entertainment industry.

Users can move their computers and media servers to a secure, managed colocation facility up to 50 miles away, reducing IT rack space and technical support requirements in their building — minimising heat, noise, cabling and other IT infrastructure expenses without compromising access performance.

Thinklogical's unique 100% uncompressed signal extension and switching technology delivers pixel-for-pixel video quality and smooth, accurate computer I/O, including peripheral device performance, even working with full resolution 4K DCI video. Users can quickly and easily choose between multiple computers, video sources and different destinations for true “any-to-any” switching, enabling new and more efficient ways for creative professionals to work and collaborate.

The solution's protocol-agnostic architecture supports all common signal types and interface formats, and works seamlessly with all major VFX and Media & Entertainment applications.

Thinklogical has also presented the following innovations: 

  • TLX Uncompressed 4K Video and KVM Extension and Switching supporting 4K and Ultra High Definition (UHD) video at up to 4096 x 2160 resolution, 4:4:4 color depth, 30-bits per pixel at 60Hz frame rate, using only two-fiber optic or CATx cables. TLX matrix switches are scalable from 12 to 640 ports.
  • System Management Portfolio and System Management Interface (SMP/SMI) with Enhanced Configurable On-Screen Display (OSD) with interactive drag-and-drop and flexible user-definable Hot Keys system management. Features include remote system monitoring and updating, and mouse and keyboard sharing.
  • Intuitive Mouse Control with Mouse-Over seamless, instant, screen selection by just moving the mouse from screen to screen allows for intuitive access to multiple independent computer sources without manual switching or interrupting workflow.
  • Text Overlay — which provides a customised display capability to more easily identify source, with custom overlay size, color and positioning.
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