Sachtler Introduces Two New ACE XL Tripod Systems

Sachtler has introduced two new ACE XL aluminum tripod systems, both equipped with the new ACE XL 75mm fluid head.

Sachtler ACE XL 75mm fluid head tripod.

Sachtler ACE XL 75mm fluid head tripod.

Sachtler said the new ACE XL GS AL and ACE XL MS AL tripod systems offer many of the benefits of their carbon-fiber counterparts in a lower-cost package.

"Camera operators would be hard pressed to find a more cost-effective professional tripod system that can support 17.6 pound payload," said Tobias Keuthen, director of global product marketing management for the Vitec Group, Sachtler’s owner.

"Not only are our new ACE XL GS AL and ACE XL MS AL among the lightest-weight tripod systems on the market, but they offer completely jerk-free camera movements and maximum stability."

Both the ACE XL GS AL (with a ground spreader) and ACE XL MS AL (with a mid-level spreader) are ideal for use with DLSR cameras and with the latest cine-style cameras. The 75mm fluid head supports an extended payload range of 4.4 to 17.6 pounds. It can handle a lightweight, video-enabled DSLR camera to a heavier rig with camera accessories.

Both tripod systems offer eight counterbalance steps for quick camera balancing, and the ACE XL's patented SA drag (synchronized actuated drag) damping provides an authentic broadcast feel and familiar dependability for precise panning and tilting. The long 4.1-inch sliding range of the ACE camera plate allows camera setup. Clearly marked counterbalance settings aid in setting repeatable moves and provide a tilt range of +90 degrees to -75 degrees.

Both the ACE XL GS AL and ACE XL MS AL can operate in a broad temperature range and weigh only a fraction more than their carbon-fiber counterparts at 9.9 pounds for the ACE XL MS XL and nine pounds for the ACE XL GS AL.

The ACE XL GS AL with ground spreader provides a height range of 22 to 68 inches, and the ACE XL MS AL offers a height range of 31 to 67 inches with mid-level spreaders. Both models are available now.

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