TSL Products Updates Control Systems

At the NAB NY Show, TSL Products showcased its latest advancements for audio monitoring, broadcast control systems and power management tools

TSL will showcase multiple updates to several of its products, including a new release of its popular TallyMan. The advanced broadcast control system uses virtual panel design software and has a new FlashBoard information distribution and display system. Also on display will be an enhanced version of the company’s MPA1 Dante confidence monitoring series, which now includes support of AES67, as well as its PAM-IP range of audio monitoring devices. These updated products simplify SDI/IP workflows and streamline operations, supporting customers during the transition to IP.

TSL Products' TallyMan is a reliable solution for display of dynamic and real-time information. The platform now includes a new range of sliders, rotary encoders and X-Y control, which can be applied to anything from positioning robotic cameras to adjusting audio levels to color correction.

TallyMan provides a real-time, user-oriented control and dynamic data display.

TallyMan provides a real-time, user-oriented control and dynamic data display.

A new addition to the TSL Products command and control range is FlashBoard, a new screen-based information distribution and display system. Integrating seamlessly with TallyMan and third-party control systems, FlashBoard recognizes the increasing need for critical workflow information to be delivered visually at the point of use. It drives multiple displays, each with a unique combination of data, clocks and timers, on-air and cue lights and production details. Screens can be designed quickly using the drag and drop functionality in the TallyMan virtual panel software for display in monitor walls or distributed wirelessly to tablets.

TSL Product’s MPA1 Dante now supports AES67 audio, making it suitable for use in Dante and AES67 networks. SMPTE 2110 along with AES67 provides a truly interoperable platform to distribute uncompressed audio streams between different manufacturers. This supports using the MPA1-Solo and Mix Dante confidence audio monitors, which are ideal for those wanting to make the transition from traditional SDI, AES and MADI infrastructures to IP.

The PAM-IP range of audio monitoring devices now feature dedicated ports for connection to existing Dante networks, while also providing compatibility with AES67. Customers looking to operate SMPTE 2022-6 or SMPTE 2110 networks can make use of two dedicated 10Gig/E network ports on the PAM-IP audio monitor.

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