Tiffen boosts DI options with new Dfx Digital Filter Suite

Tiffen’s latest upgrade to its Dfx Digital Filter Suite includes compatibility with digital intermediate programs Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve and Assimilate Scratch. Version 4 of the software adds plug-in support for Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve and Assimilate Scratch, as well as the Nuke visual effects program from The Foundry.

Dfx is the only plug-in package that replicates Tiffen optical filtering, Rosco and Gam gobos and gels, plus hundreds of photographic film stocks. It is described as a complete cinematographer/editor toolkit that provides the majority of Tiffen optical filters within a single software suite designed to work with industry-standard photo and video editing applications

The new version includes support for Sony Vegas NLEs and 12 new visual effects filters (Borders, Cartoon, Colorize Gradient, Detail among them), 93 new historical photographic processes, 30 motion picture film stocks and an increase in GPU acceleration.

The improved interface means images can now be previewed in 4096, 2048 and 1024 pixels. Keyboard control is added for brushes and there's a new look to sliders, buttons and icons. Plus there is Mac Retina display support.

A 32-bit floating point precision gives users full access to the image’s dynamic range on a selective basis without having to clip values.

“We responded to our customer and market feedback adding features like 32-bit floating point precision, which is common with high-end visual effects software and is unique for photo editing applications,” explains product manager Jena Rappolt-Noyes. With the addition of Mac Retina display support, the additional 93 brand new historical photographic processes, and 30 motion picture film stocks, Dfx 4 is the most versatile, inclusive suite on the market today.”

Steve Tiffen, company president and CEO said, “In terms of effects and workflow diversity, Dfx 4 represents one of the most comprehensive upgrades for the Tiffen Dfx brand.”

Pricing varies depending on requirements between $130 and $1000.

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