Aputure Launches Light Storm 300D

Aputure has introduced the Light Storm 300D, a 4.6 pound LED light measuring 13.5-inches long with up to 142,000 lux and an output equivalent to 2,000 watts tungsten.

Aputure said the new light can be powered with batteries or through AC power, and can be wirelessly controlled from distances up to 492 feet. Remote control is also possible.

The light's low temperature coupled with its Bowens mount enables users to attach nearly any Bowens mount accessory. An integrated ultra-silent fan works alongside internal thermometers to intelligently adjust the light’s speed based on the temperature.

Color accuracy has a CRI rating of ≥95 and TCLI rating of ≥96 alongside a 5500K±200K color temperature.

The Light Storm 300D is priced at $1,100.

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