Mackie Introduces Onyx Series USB Audio Interfaces

Mackie has introduced two new high-resolution 24-bit/192kHz audio converters with Onyx mic preamps and advanced circuit design.

Mackie Onyx Producer 2•2

Mackie Onyx Producer 2•2

Mackie said the new converters — in two models — are designed for content creators and singer-songwriters. The Onyx Artist 1•2 model, which includes an Onyx mic pre plus a ¼-inch input with Hi-Z switch, is the most basic. The Onyx Producer 2•2 expands the versatility with dual Onyx mic preamps and MIDI I/O for controllers and synthesizers.

Both models offer zero-latency direct monitoring plus a headphone output, L/R line-output and +48v phantom power. Both mobile interfaces offer all the needed tools to create podcasts, media and music at any location.

Mackie Onyx Artist 1•1

Mackie Onyx Artist 1•1

Both feature the boutique-quality mic preamp with high fidelity and dynamic range, +48v phantom power for use with studio condenser mics and ¼-inch TRS input with Hi-Z switch for connecting instruments. The larger model adds an additional input and MIDI.

Both models include Tracktion T7 DAW and DAW Essentials Collection software. The T7 is a multi award-winning workstation, featuring creative tools. Unlike typical “Lite” versions, T7 does not impose any restrictions. Users get unlimited track count, full features and compatibility with all popular plugins and efficient performance on Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

The DAW Essentials Collection consists of 16 contemporary FX plug-ins for use with any DAW. These plug-ins utilize the latest algorithms and coding techniques to deliver high sound quality in an efficient package, allowing the plugins to be used across a wide range of native computer systems.

Included in the collection is an equalizer, compressor, reverb, delay studio, stereo delay, tape delay, crossover, limiter, gate/expander, ducker, flanger, crusher, chorus, buss compressor, phaser and auto filter. They come in AAX, AU, VST and Linux VST formats.

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