Viz Weather- A 3D Realtime Weather Graphics System

Viz Weather is a complete 3D real-time weather system featuring a broad range of advanced visualization including HD and 4K. Viz Weather integrates with any weather data provider and triggers graphics and animations automatically.

Vizrt Viz Weather is a template-based graphics system that integrates live weather data with pre-defined graphic templates. Multiple data sources are supported, including National Weather Service, WDT, StormGeo, and Custom Weather. A turn-key integrated data service is available so viewers always see the best possible forecast.

Weather data is automatically fetched live, ensuring that the data is current before going to air. Automatic alerts from the National Weather Service are sent directly to air with the Viz Weather integration to Viz Ticker.

Visualization and Presentation

Viz Weather supports real-time weather presentations either through point-based symbols or as high-resolution 3D animations. Weather data including temperature, wind speed and direction, particles, hurricane tracks, weather symbols, 3D maps, and radar maps are displayed automatically with corresponding graphic elements in real-time with pre-made templates.

For presentations, the system's Unique Particle Generator allows the meteorologist to create a visually accurate representation of the forecasted weather development. The shape and movement of clouds can be visualized in 3D showing the true speed of the various cloud layers.

This template-based workflow solution helps the station meteorologists quickly develop their presentations with up-to-date, data-based graphics. When integrated with Viz One, the meteorologist can easily store and later recall complex weather presentations.

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