TBC SmartTrac Custom Consoles

The TBC SmartTrac V2 technical furniture modules combine to offer maximum flexibility for broadcast master control and production control work surfaces. The SmartTrac series of desks comes at a lower cost than other standard “full body” console systems.

TBC SmartTrac V2 technical furniture also provides an enhanced ability to gang individual workstation components to form complete broadcast work surfaces.

For editing and graphics applications, the SmartTrac series of consoles are especially appropriate and can be configured for any application. Desks are available in fixed height, standing, and height-adjustable models.

TBC technical furniture systems can be customized to fit each unique situation. From a single user who wants a sit-stand desk, to a full master control suite for video production, TBC’s technical furniture can be adapted to nearly any application.

TBC SmartTrac desk, rear view.

TBC SmartTrac desk, rear view.

TBC’s SmartTrac console systems are extraordinary popularity because of their world-class ergonomics, quality all aluminum construction and good looks. SmartTrac’s removable turrets, rear device ‘Trac’ and generous cable core with integral power management combined with the ability to adjust desk height provides total configuration flexibility for any application. Each console can be accessorized to personal preference with a variety of articulating monitor arms, CPU holders, speaker mounts, task lamps, and other accessories.

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