ATC Labs Adds Digigram Sound Technology Into Audio Processors and IP Codecs

Digigram Cards Help to Ensure Excellent Sound Quality in Internet Streaming and Radio Applications.

France-based Digigram has entered into a partnership with ATC Labs, through which audio technology company ATC Labs, headquartered in Newark, N.J., will integrate Digigram sound cards into its Perceptual SoundMax line of audio processors and the ALCO Blue IP codec (targeted at the radio broadcast and streaming markets). The Digigram cards provide high-quality analog and digital interfaces that help ATC Labs ensure that its products offer a high level of sound quality.

Among the benefits of working with integrated solutions from ATC Labs is the ability to perform concurrent on-air and Internet streaming. Whether from one of the thousands of new stations emerging in India or a community or college radio broadcaster in the United States, users can very easily and cost-effectively reach audiences on multiple platforms

Digigram’s VX222e card will be incorporated into ATC Labs’ Perceptual SoundMax audio processors, which provide signal processing for broadcast or audio streaming.

Digigram’s VX222e card will be incorporated into ATC Labs’ Perceptual SoundMax audio processors, which provide signal processing for broadcast or audio streaming.

Dr. Deepen Sinha, CEO at ATC Labs, said that the Digigram cards, when optimally combined with the company's core expertise in audio processing and compression, “enable us to supply emerging and expanding markets, such as the exploding radio broadcast market in India and the rapidly growing community and college broadcast market here in the United States, with robust yet affordable products that enable users to do more with less. In short, we can provide a level of audio quality and functionality that is difficult or impossible to find in the same, or even a much higher price range.”

ATC Labs will use Digigram sound interfaces across a broad line of audio processing and IP codec products and will also recommend Digigram products to its customers. The Digigram VX222e, UAX220v2, and VX222HR cards will be incorporated into the company's Perceptual SoundMax audio processors, which provide signal processing functionality for broadcast or audio streaming.

The Digigram cards will also be built into ATC Labs' ALCO Blue rackmount IP codecs and used in conjunction with its ALCO Professional line of integrated IP audio SoftCodec solutions designed specifically to meet the demands of the professional audio and broadcast industry. These products provide outstanding audio quality, low latency, and high connectivity through public and private networks, even through firewalls.

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