Archiware And G-Tech Pact For NAS Data Storage, Security

Storage solution specialist, G-Technology and data management software vendor Archiware have teamed up to facilitate disaster recovery, data migration, and archival options for Network Attached Storage (NAS). The solution encompasses G-Technology’s G-RACK 12 high-performance NAS solution and Archiware’s P5 Software Suite.

G-Technology’s G-RACK 12 high-performance NAS solution provides centralized NAS. It is designed to work as a high-capacity storage resource for popular MAM applications running on Windows or macOS servers. Archiware’s P5 Software Suite offers data management software for archiving, backup and cloning of data. The browser-based software comprises four modules, which use different methods to secure and restore data: P5 Synchronize, P5 Backup, P5 Backup2Go and P5 Archive.

“A G-RACK high-performance NAS solution is empowered by the embedded Archiware P5, so that data management becomes extremely easy," observes Dr. Marc Batschkus, Archiware’s Business Development Manager. “Only an automatic backup really protects your data. P5 backup solves this challenge and offers maximum flexibility with disk, tape and cloud storage as target. Long-term protection of assets needs an archive to centralize, reference, re-use and monetize media. With customizable metadata fields, thumbnails and proxies, P5 Archive gives you insight and access at any time from your browser.”

Archiware P5 is installed on G-RACK 12 as an app without external server involvement. The P5 modules run on Mac, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and Synology. The G-RACK 12 solution employs its own customized operating system software (G-NAS OS), incorporating a Linux kernel and BTRFs file system.

“G-NAS OS capabilities to run native applications on the G-RACK 12 high-performance NAS solution significantly transforms the NAS storage device into a dedicated workflow appliance,” said Mike Williams vp, advanced technologies/G-Technology, Client Solutions Group, Western Digital. “The integration of G-RACK 12 and P5 allows for a more efficient and effective backup and restore solution with a directly connected LTO library. This significantly reduces backup windows and network traffic.”

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