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The EasyMedia Digital Releases KAOS Channel-in-a-Box

New Channel in a Box (CiaB) from EasyMedia Digital includes everything needed to build and operate a complete TV channel in a 2RU unit, sponsors not included.

The EasyMedia Digital (EMD) KAOS - CIAB (channel in a box) incorporates all the EasyMedia Products into a single integrated solution. It is available in both SD and HD, and it allows a channel to go on-air with only one workstation.

The entire playout solution needed for broadcasting a television channel is provided in a single 2RU workstation. KAOS - CIAB provides an economical and all in one solution that can be easily used to operate a Playout channel with the EMD CIAB Playout solution, and the CG, Ingest and Encoder applications become much easier to set up the channel.

Channels can simply and simultaneously play, ingest and brand the channel 24/7 with the reliability and quality expected in today’s demanding market and at a more cost-effective price.

CG is a software package available for every broadcaster to get graphics on air instantly without any compromise on quality or flexibility. With this branding solution you can create, control and display various multimedia Graphics in real time.

Ingest allows operators to ingest, transcode and stream simultaneously. It supports all common video files in HD, SD, PAL and NTSC.

Mixed video formats and mixed audio sample files can be played on the same playlist. Files using different frame rates are automatically up or down converted.

The easy to use interface has no layer limitations, objects can be created as required, along with animation, video, text, scrolling text, digital or analog clocks, and pictures.

It enables recordings in MPEG-2, H264, DV, MXF and XDCAM formats and automatically places files into folders. Two different formats can be recorded at the same time.

It has UDP/RTP and CBR outputs (MPEG-2 and H264 as HD and SD), RTMP outputs (For social media and CDN), and the stream can be sent to multiple accounts.

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