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Articles You May Have Missed – September 20, 2017

Moving to the cloud sounds easy. Even so, before taking the leap, read this article about controlling the costs of cloud integration by consultant Tony Orme. Cloud solutions may be cheap or expensive. Orme leads the engineer through a decision process designed to maximize the benefits while keeping costs manageable.

For the US broadcasting community, returning to broadcasts from the new World Trade Center in New York is more than symbolism. Learn about the complex process required to broadcast from the city’s new 1 WTC, 1,776-ft mega structure.

Unless you are a greenfield site, have one vendor to meet all your operational and creative needs, or are incredibly lucky, you will at some point need to integrate your Cloud Software-as-a-Service into the broadcast workflows. This is much easier said than done. Consultant Tony Orme provides first-hand guidance in moving a local, in-house workflow onto the cloud in the article, Cloud Broadcasting - The Hidden Costs.

Panels are hoisted toward installation in one of three broadcast arrays above the new 1 WTC.

Panels are hoisted toward installation in one of three broadcast arrays above the new 1 WTC.

When the original One World Trade Center TV antenna was installed in 1978, it became home for most full-power New York City TV station transmitters and remained so until 9/11/2001. While broadcasters returned to air one by one, the locations of their transmitters and broadcast antennas were scattered about the city. There was a hunger for a new World Trade Center topped by a new central TV broadcast antenna system.

The first of the original broadcasters returned to the air atop the new structure in April of this year. Engineer Ned Soseman leads readers through the process of building out of the new broadcast tower at 1 WTC. See inside the project, complete with photos, in the article, “Future of NYC Broadcast TV Moving to 1 WTC.”

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