Net Insight Offers Live Contribution To Cloud

Net Insight has new pay-as-you-go pricing to support the industry’s transition to cloud for live broadcast.

The new price model for Net Insight's Virtual Nimbra VA “offers a lower entry-level cost threshold and improved cost versus value balance for long-tail content,” says the firm.

The Virtual Nimbra VA enables easy migration of live workflows to the cloud so that content owners and broadcasters can benefit from automated, elastic services and a usage-based pricing model.

“For customers operating in a changing market, the introduction of a subscription-based OpEx model is the next natural step,” says Martin Karlsson CTO and vp product portfolio at Net Insight. “Net Insight provides the future of Internet media transport with increased flexibility for broadcasters and content owners, reducing the entry threshold for setting up new services, as well as allowing them to increase engagement over time as the business grows.”

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