Evertz Encoding Used By Globecast

Evertz software encoding platform was used by Globecast to transmit the 2017 Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon Tennis Tournaments.

Globecast used Evertz' 3480TXE software platform for cross-continent transmission of multiple contribution signals for tournaments. The transmission link also incorporated SMPTE ST 2022-7 seamless protection switching for enhanced reliability. Additional Globecast system components included Evertz' 5782DEC-H264HD-IPASI professional contribution H.264 and MPEG-2 decoder, Xenon multi-format router, 7700R2x2-HD bypass protection router, MAGNUM, Evertz' unified control and orchestration system and VistaLINK Intelligent Resource Management (IRM) which enables intelligent management of pooled hardware resources.

"Broadcasters and transmission service providers are demanding reliable, cost- effective, high density encoding solutions. The 3480TXE, with its advanced feature set and industry leading performance gave Globecast a flexible, reliable, high density and high-performance encoding solution which perfectly suited their transmission requirements," said Abdullah Merei, Director of Compression Systems at Evertz. "Evertz is pleased to have been able to provide Globecast with a comprehensive solution and contribute to the successful transmission of these events. We look forward to working with them again."

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