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Zaxcom Introduces Multipurpose Handheld Microphone

Zaxcom announced a new handheld microphone that can simultaneously operate as both a wireless transmitter and a hardwired microphone.

Zaxcom said the new ZMT3-HH is a first-of-its-kind handheld microphone featuring a 100 percent digital wireless transmission, hardwired balanced mic level analog audio, internal microSD recording with timecode, a programmable function button and battery life up to 14 hours.

“With the ZMT3-HH, we wanted develop a handheld microphone that delivers both wireless and hardwire audio transmission,” said Glenn Sanders, president of Zaxcom. “There’s nothing else like it out there and the ZMT3-HH provides users with more functionality and features without needing to purchase separate devices.”

The ZMT3-HH mic can be used for everything from professional broadcast shows and live performances to those working on seminars, weddings, internet talk shows, video blogs, gaming videos, concerts and houses of worship.

It’s digital wireless audio transmission features Zaxcom’s patented NeverClip, which extends the dynamic range of the microphone to 128dB, eliminating the need for a compressor that distorts the natural sound quality at high volume audio levels.

For hardwired connectivity, a balanced XLR output is located on the bottom of the mic. If for any reason a wireless transmission is not possible due to radio frequency (RF) interference or lack of available channels, the XLR output instantly becomes the fallback, allowing the ZMT3-HH to be used in any situation.

The mic’s body is constructed from machined metal with a tapered design. Light and cool to the touch, the device can run for an exceptional 14 hours on a single lithium battery. Replacement is quick with the twistable battery compartment located in the middle of the microphone.

The design cleverly incorporates the antenna inside the body of the unit while a rubber bumper hides the XLR connector when it’s not in use, protecting it from accidental drops. 

Controls are also located on the bottom of the unit and can be locked to avert the talent from activating them during use.

A programmable function button is on the side of the microphone where muting, push-to-talk or AUX channel can be assigned. On the opposing side, an OLED displays impertinent information of the device. 

A Light Identification Ring identifies functions and features through color including unit ID, recording verification and modulation mode. The ring can be controlled locally or remotely through ZaxNet, Zaxcom’s wireless 2.4 GHz network.

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