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Kaltura Says Its Cloud TV Platform Ensures 4.5 Nines Availability

Kaltura has relaunched its Cloud TV Platform claiming its ensures four and half (but not quite 5) nines availability for live and VOD TV viewing across all devices – the first in the industry to commit to this level of service, it says. The platform is sold as a pay as you go service.

"The TV viewing experience is literally changing before our eyes,” stated Shay David, Co-founder, President and General Manager of Media and Telecom at Kaltura. 

Kaltura provides customers with cloud-scale TV services, with market-leading availability of “four and a half 9’s”, along with full flexibility to offer a variety of end-user experiences, all managed in a single platform, which can seamlessly integrate with legacy STBs and platforms that have been heavily invested in.”

David continued: “As large-scale live TV events are increasingly streamed over the Internet, operators simply can’t afford any glitches – just imagine experiencing buffering just before the final goal of a football match. Kaltura sets your mind at ease. With our tier-1 global deployments and market-leading technology platform, Kaltura is uniquely positioned to guide customers along their cloud TV transformation.”

Additional enhancements to Kaltura’s TV Platform include:

Marketing Campaign and Coupon Engine – Operators can now upsell new TV products and special offers to their customers through a dynamic coupon campaign engine.

Personalization based on user interests –Users can select their content, and as a result, enjoy a more personalized service with more relevant content. Users will receive notifications when new content that matches their specific interests becomes available. This is beneficial to increase user engagement in sports, where users can ‘favorite’ their teams, players and leagues.

Churn prevention capabilities – Kaltura’s system measures user “happiness scores”, and churn predictability – service providers can then send out notifications and create marketing campaigns, including configurable discounts and coupon codes.

Search Enhancements such as Search history, which enhances the Kaltura search experience by allowing end users to retrieve previously searched queries for fast lookups; as well as Soundex, which adds language based capabilities, enables “fuzzy” search queries with spelling errors, alternate spelling or synonyms to the actual searched term.

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