Net Insight Offers Pay As You Go Pricing for Live Contribution to the Cloud

Net Insight, a provider of media transport and resource scheduling systems based in Stockholm Sweden, has targeted monetization of live long tail content with a pay-as-you go pricing model that reduces cost of entry.

Launching at IBC 2017, the model applies to Net Insight’s Virtual Nimbra VA, designed to enable easy migration of live workflows to the cloud so that content owners and broadcasters can fully benefit from automated, elastic services and a usage-based pricing model without compromising quality and integrity. The company claimed this model will allow content owners to monetize their assets with a balance between cost and demand, offering both lower entry-level and ongoing costs to stimulate availability of less popular live assets.

“For customers operating in a changing market, the introduction of a subscription-based Opex model is the next natural step,” says Martin Karlsson CTO and vice president product portfolio at Net Insight.

It was a year ago at IBC 2016 when Net Insight launched the virtualized version of its Internet Media Transport package, the Virtual Nimbra VA itself. This introduced live media contribution to any cloud environment and allowed service providers to automate their deployments, but without the pay-as-you-go pricing. The talk then was of cloud technology being on the verge of disrupting traditional production, supposedly making broadcast workflows more agile than ever before. The new virtualized media transport package then helped overcome technical challenges that had previously limited most broadcasters to non-live productions. The virtualized Nimbra VA was pitched as finally making live media contribution to any cloud environment a reality, as well as bringing on the critical automation capability covering the whole workflow from ingest to playout.

This year Net Insight has taken the next logical step by overcoming a financial obstacle to live cloud contribution. After all the cloud is supposed to be about bringing on lean provisioning with models that allow broadcasters and content providers to pay just for what they use.

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