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Accedo Shows New Android TV Operator Tier Launcher at IBC 2017

Accedo, a vendor of TV applications and software tools based in Stockholm, Sweden, has made IBC 2017 the launch pad for the Android extension of its Studio Pay TV edition product.

Android is by the far the largest ecosystem for third party apps and so Accedo’s new Studio Operator Tier Launcher for Android TV is a key addition to the portfolio. It has been designed to help pay TV operators extend existing Set Top Box (STB) based video services to embrace the Android TV ecosystem and tap into the available apps and tools.

But there is still an element of the wild west about the Android ecosystem and Accedo has set out its stall as a provider of software that acts as a sanitized bridge into that environment, allowing operators to stay in control of the overall experience without tarnishing their brand. According to the company, the Accedo Studio Operator Tier Launcher for Android TV allows pay TV operators to differentiate their video services, own the user experience, and fully prioritize their content ahead of third-party material, while getting the new Android features and services to market quickly.

The package has tools to help integrate the extended service fully with the operator's existing content management systems, video infrastructure, and other back-office components. It also provides the foundation of a personalized user experience featuring strong recommendation in combination with a traditional broadcast channel guide. Indeed, it comes with a cloud-based user interface management platform allowing the operator to re-brand, re-skin, and re-configure the Launcher with a customized user interface for each deployment. It provides all the usual features, such as network based recordings, catch-up TV and VoD, as well as the world of Android app-based content.

The firm will also be showing its cloud based pay TV platform, Accedo One, its first cloud platform itself only launched early in September 2017.

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