Glookast Enables Dynamic Ingest

MXF workflow solutions developer Glookast has launched a web-based distributed ingest interface, Glooport media∣producer.

Glooport media∣producer enables dynamic ingest of media and metadata in diverse applications on premise, in the cloud, as well as in the field, with or without direct connectivity to the rest of the production infrastructure. It supports all major file-based formats.

“We are pleased to be launching Glooport media∣producer at IBC,” commented Felipe Santos, CTO, Glookast. “In an ever-evolving media landscape, with demand for instant coverage from anywhere, we believe this solution will truly transform ingest into a much simpler, more cost-effective, and productive process.”

The solution can support multiple users with individual profiles and session settings. It enables flexible handling, creation, and editing of metadata, as well as enforcing required metadata input. With a fully redundant architecture, it offers varying modes of operation to suit the type of deployment.

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