Spectra BlackPearl Has Upgradeable NAS Solution

Spectra Logic has added a new mid-tier enterprise-grade data storage offering to its BlackPearl range. The Spectra BlackPearl Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution can provide an affordable storage location for offloading inactive tier one data, landing ingested media, or backup storage.

BlackPearl NAS scales from 48TB to 7.1PB per unit, includes all the enterprise-grade features of Spectra’s NAS product lines, and is upgradeable to a full BlackPearl Converged Storage System with seamless access to multiple local and remote storage targets including tape, disk and cloud options.

“BlackPearl NAS users can TranScale to a BlackPearl Converged Storage System, unlocking multiple storage targets,” says the firm. “BlackPearl NAS appears to the network like any other readily mountable NAS solution. With TranScale, BlackPearl also connects to nearly unlimited tape and archive disk locally, and offers replication to alternate private or public cloud sites for redundancy and disaster recovery.”

Compared to other NAS products, the company claims Spectra BlackPearl NAS is Less expensive with a unit shipping now at a starting price of $14,200; more scalable to 7.1 PB in a single rack and more flexible.

Said Matt Starr CTO of Spectra Logic; “BlackPearl NAS is unique due to its ‘Object Storage Out’ capability. Customers can implement a simple, reliable, affordable NAS solution today and upgrade to a fully converged storage system with a number of configuration options.”

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