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Fiilex Shows New Broadcast LED Lights

Fiilex has announced the new C360-series Compact LED fixtures, the first Fiilex lighting products designed for use with standard pipe-clamps found in small to medium broadcast studios.

Fiilex said the design of the new C-series lights, which includes the C360 and C365 models, includes an integrated power supply, which simplifies overhead cable management.

The lights are compatible with a wide range of light-modifying accessories. Smaller magnetic attachments include diffusers, fresnels, honeycombs and gel holders. The safety-minded design of the C-series includes integrated lockdown screws for available accessories.

The C365 model features a five-inch Zoom Fresnel, an attachment that narrows the C365's beam, increasing intensity by 800 percent at full focus. Both fixtures are RJ45 DMX512 compatible, allowing users to operate them remotely via the Fiilex DMX Controller or any standard DMX board.

In addition to being low-profile, these 90-watt lights boast many of the same control features of the Fiilex second generation P-Series, including wide-gamut color tuning, full dimming and hue adjustment. At every setting, these lights maintain 95+ CRI.

The lights have a compact footprint ideal for smaller studios with height restrictions and are ideal for small broadcast studios.

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