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Genelec Brings Cloud Services and Reference Levels to GLM 3 Software

Genelec has introduced GLM 3, a new generation of audio monitor calibration software that incorporates beta Cloud services and Reference Level listening features.

For the first time, Genelec said users of Genelec SAM (Smart Active Monitor) systems will be able to access GLM Cloud services anytime and anywhere. The system will provide a secure back-up and instant access to the latest software updates.

The new Reference Level features have been developed in response to global broadcast standards, which demand that calibrated listening SPLs are adhered to in order to make programs interchangeable across a range of listening conditions.

Since its introduction, the GLM software application has helped audio professionals on both Mac and PC platforms to configure and automatically calibrate their Genelec SAM monitor systems, delivering optimized performance for their acoustic environment.

GLM 3 will provide users with both local and beta Cloud options, with the ability to switch between the two. The Cloud server offers space to store three full system calibrations – each with 10 groups, amounting to 30 acoustic setups. A Cloud Helpdesk facility enables users to submit GLM files to access online expert support and advice.

The Reference Level feature allows users to calibrate listening levels in accordance with ATSC A/85 and EBU R128 loudness standards, which combines the in-situ frequency response compensation and system alignment with the listening level calibrated to a loudness reference. GLM 3 now provides this feature without the need for a high quality external monitor controller or other measurement tools.

GLM 3 also comes with new personalization features, allowing users to customize their preferred response and depart from the ideal flat response without sacrificing predictability.

Other notable improvements include the ability to adjust the sensitivity of each monitor’s ISS power-saving function, a microphone level checker and an indicator for used audio type, plus several other refinements, dialogue boxes and bug fixes.

GLM 3 also provides a simple firmware update to allow all SAM monitors to enable these new features instantly. The new software will be available to all GLM users as a free download from genelec.com.

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