ProMAX Adds Automated Cloud Backup

The new cloud backup function will allow media creators to automatically push projects and footage to their existing cloud storage accounts.

ProMAX Systems has new functionality that will integrate ProMAX Platform Workflow Servers with client’s existing cloud services Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Amazon Cloud Drive, Microsoft Azure, OpenSTack, RackSpace, Backblaze S2, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Oracle Cloud.

“As cloud technology and connection infrastructure continues to improve, media organizations look for easier ways to backup and restore their critical assets.” said Jess Hartmann, CEO of ProMAX Systems. “With the introduction of ProMAX Platform Hybrid Cloud Backup, customers will enjoy automated backup to the cloud storage service of their choice. Because this new feature is fully integrated into the Platform browser interface, any permitted user can backup or restore server files directly from their workstation.

“Utilizing the same functionality as currently offered in Platform’s LTO backup and archive system, administrators can set backup tasks on any repeating frequency and data will automatically be copied to the cloud storage account. After the backup, each file is recorded into the Platform’s one integrated catalogue so that users can easily search to see what files are in their cloud account and then request bulk or individual file restores back to their Platform System.”

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