Axle Video And Wasabi Team For Cloud Storage

Wasabi, the storage company that delivers “price and performance advantages over Amazon S3”, and axle Video, a media management vendor, have teamed up to make the axle Media Cloud available to postproduction teams as a monthly subscription. Pricing starts at $400/month (330 Euro/month) for 10 terabytes of storage, 10 users and up to 10 terabytes of data download per month.

Because Wasabi is API-compatible with Amazon S3, any media workflow tool that currently points to S3 today can be reconfigured to point to Wasabi cloud storage. The axle AI software also includes a REST API and every component of the system is open, documented and available for integration with. Integrations with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Final Cut Pro X are included with axle Media Cloud.

"Wasabi's partnership with axle Video delivers the necessary toolset for media producers to effectively and efficiently deal with ever-increasing quantities of video content," said Whit Jackson, Wasabi Media & Entertainment Solution Architect.

“The axle Media Cloud solves a critical shortcoming of cloud media storage, which is that once files have been saved to the cloud, they must generally be downloaded in their entirety, a slow and cumbersome process, to search their content,” said Jackson. “The axle Media Cloud solves this problem by cataloging all media files touched by the system, creating H.264 proxy media that can be instantly viewed, tagged and sub-clipped via axle's user interface.”

Sam Bogoch, CEO of axle commented, "The axle Media Cloud solution is hard to ignore for thousands of video production teams worldwide who are looking for better, faster, and more cost-efficient ways to store media and manage content production. The industry trends are clear, and the axle – Wasabi solution is heading in exactly the right direction."

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