Cantemo’s iconik is a Hybrid Cloud Media Aggregation Platform

As a hybrid solution built natively for the cloud, iconik is intended to make it easy to share content, both internally and with external stakeholders.

Cantemo is touting iconik as a hybrid cloud media aggregation platform designed to create a single hub for global collaborative storytelling. Its main purpose is to reduce the complexity surrounding media management, “so that creators can spend more time putting their skills to good use and less time searching for content”.

Proxy workflows limit the need to send Gigabytes of data between servers in different locations, improving the efficiency of review-and-approve workflows.

“iconik is built on a strong conviction. We’re convinced that to achieve great things you have to be able to bring people together. Because when you are able to unify creative minds, and reduce the complexity surrounding media management, anything is possible,” commented Parham Azimi, CEO, Cantemo. “Finding new ways of working together and intelligently discovering content means that we can achieve better things, by sharing knowledge and harnessing the power of the collective.”

Two separate editions of the solution enable users and organisations to choose which is best suited to their needs and aims. 

The solution can be scaled up instantly and automatically, both in terms of storage capacity, media processing power, and the number of users, with no manual infrastructure changes.

Available as a standalone solution, iconik can also be used as a hybrid cloud extension for Cantemo Portal. A combined solution will then enable content and metadata to be pushed to the cloud-based iconik for sharing based on pre-defined rules, and local production kept within Portal.

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