Hubee Introduce Beemix Modular Video Platform

Hubee, a French company specialised in video platforms and services, is launching its new cloud platform called Beemix. This platform groups together features required to launch premium video services live, VOD/SVOD, catch-up, NPVR and statistics.

With eight years’ experience in the design, development and operation, Hubee has developed more than 40 specific video platforms.

Hubee says its micro-service approach is at the heart of Beemix’s architecture, which is also compatible with the advertising and monetization solution for IPTV called adhubee.

Remy Breuils, head of R&D, said, “Beemix is a unified, modular and fully cloud solution adapted to the different contexts of video distribution. It brings an unprecedented offer of accurate/sharp EPG – Start over modules, a re-linear feature, and is fully compliant with adhubee.”

It has modules for Live TV management; Animation, content curation and publishing, VOD/SVOD and Catch-up; Recording for NPVR and Data analytics.

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