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Cinedeck Recorders Handle the DPP Format

Cinedeck breaks ground again by introducing live recorders for the UK’s DPP format.

Cinedeck brought a lot of firsts to IBC 2017. In addition to being able to insert edit into a rendered file master, they are supporting UK production’s move toward DPP (Digital Production Partnership) delivery.

In March 2011 the UK’s DPP, funded by the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, created common technical standards for tape delivery of HDTV and SDTV programs, but until now nobody has made a live recorder that matches its specs. “We are the first company to support the real time acquisition of the live version of the DPP specification,” Charles Dautremont, CTO of Cinedeck told The Broadcast Bridge in a direct, pre-IBC interview. “Our recorders will record in the exact DPP format.”

As Cinedeck explained it in a pre-IBC release, Cinedeck was presented with an interesting challenge by BBC Studioworks; The well-established DPP specifications are at the same time easy and complicated – easy in that all programs delivered to a UK broadcaster need to meet the same unified specifications and difficult in that they have a lot of detail that is not always fully understood. This can become an unwarranted constraint on live and archive recordings, neither of which necessarily meet broadcasters’ “delivery specifications”.

An example is a morning program recorded live. The actual start timecode might be 09:00:00:00 but most DPP systems will force it to the broadcast delivery specification of 10:00:00:00.

Working in conjunction with BBC Studioworks, Cinedeck has developed tools for Cinedeck recorders and cineXtools to create and edit files that adhere to the DPP specification while remaining agile enough for live recording and archive tasks.

As with most file types including ProRes, DNx and XDCAM HD, Cinedeck recorders and the stand-alone cineXtools can also be used to perform insert edits for video and audio changes to UK-DPP assets and cineXtools can modify DPP metadata instantly.

They have “released needed derivatives for recordings that are not ‘program delivery masters’ but must still meet UK-DPP specifications.”

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